Smart Monitoring Services

Live Feed Data of Any and All Equipment

Elegant, intelligent sensing technology for the everyday user

Our Mission

Tako Inc. is founded on one simple idea—to bring elegant, intelligent sensing technology to the everyday user. By use of smart monitoring systems, we provide live-feed data on any and all equipment with a need, innovating at a level previously unattainable. In doing this, we offer companies the ability to grow and operate at an elite level without exorbitant expense.

Our Vision

We have designed ourselves to be a company that promotes and performs its best through employees, management, customer interactions, and product. To put it simply, we are a company that aims to make the greatest possible difference in the lives of every group and individual we encounter.

Our Founders

Andy Beam has been involved in the semiconductor industry for over twenty-five years. He began his career as a vacuum pump and field service engineer and has built his experience working with numerous semiconductor companies throughout the Silicon Valley, providing a solid base on which to understand user and facility needs in a variety of applications.

Smart Monitoring Services

A New Way to View the World

We care about the ways in which we can view the world. It’s a huge place, and the ways we can see it are limitless. But, the things that so often seem to get in the way of doing just that are directly in front of our faces. We don’t have the ability to look at a larger world when our personal one collapses. So, we thought about how to solve that and arrived here—a smart sensor. By collecting live-feed data on any piece of critical equipment in a facility, we offer a way to interact with surroundings that was previously impossible. A new way to see a very personal world and simultaneously provide the freedom to discover a much larger one.

Smart Monitoring Services

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